NORTH PORT, FL 34286  
City of North Port  
Meeting Agenda  
Environmental Advisory Board  
Monday, April 1, 2024  
5:30 PM  
City Hall Room 244  
MEETING PROCEDURE: By submitting a “Request to Speak” card to the City Clerk, the Public may comment during the  
course of the meeting. Comments on all scheduled Agenda Items will be heard immediately following the  
presentation by the Staff or Petitioner. Please wait until you are recognized by the Presiding Officer, state your name  
and address so that your comments may be properly recorded and limit your remarks to a period of three (3) minutes  
or less. The Board will act on an Agenda Item after comments from the Staff, Petitioner and Public have been heard.  
1. Call to Order  
2. Roll Call  
3. Pledge of Allegiance  
4. Public Comment  
5. Approval of Minutes  
Approval of the March 4, 2024 Environmental Advisory Board Meeting  
6. Presentations  
Sunshine Law Training (Presented by the Office of the City Attorney)  
7. Unfinished Business  
Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Advising the City Commission  
on the Implementation of Additional Community Gardens (Lola Robinson)  
Discussion and Possible Action Regarding New Recommendations or  
Advisements to City Commission Pertaining to Preserving and Promoting  
Wildlife, Habitat Protection, Trees, the City's Natural and Environmental  
Resources, Tree Planting, and Beautification of Public Spaces  
Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Advising the City Commission  
on Retention Pond Planting Regulations and Potential Incentives.  
8. New Business  
9. Updates  
Discussion and Possible Action Regarding Outstanding Past Memos  
10. Future Agenda Items  
Future Agenda Items  
11. Public Comment  
12. Adjournment  
No stenographic record by  
certified court reporter is made of these meetings. Accordingly, anyone seeking to  
verbatim record of the  
appeal any decisions involving the matters herein will be responsible for making  
meeting/testimony and evidence upon which any appeal is to be based. (SEE: F.S. 286.0105) Note: Persons with  
disabilities needing assistance to participate in any of these proceedings should contact the City Clerk's office 48  
hours in advance of the meeting. (SEE F.S. 286.26)  
NONDISCRIMINATION: The City of North Port does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age,  
disability, family or religious status in administration of its programs, activities or services.  
AMERICAN WITH DISABILITIES ACT OF 1990 - The North Port City Hall is wheelchair accessible. Special parking is  
available on the west side of City Hall and the building may be accessed from the parking area. Persons with hearing  
difficulties should contact the City Clerk to obtain a hearing device for use during meetings.